Attorney Billing Terms And Conditions

This Agreement sets forth the terms and conditions upon which 001 Debtorcc Inc (“DebtorCC”) and 001 Debtoredu LLC (“DebtorEdu”) will offer the Attorney Billing Program. By checking the appropriate box and registering for an Attorney Portal Account, you accept this agreement and agree to be bound by each of its terms, and represent and warrant to DebtorCC and DebtorEdu that:

(1) You have the authority to enter into this agreement both individually and, in the event you are registering for a law firm, on behalf of your law firm; and
(2) This agreement is binding and enforceable against you and, as applicable, your law firm.

In consideration of the covenants and agreements contained herein, and for other good and valuable consideration (the receipt and sufficiency of which are hereby acknowledged), the parties agree as follows:

Services. DebtorCC and DebtorEdu will permit the law firm and its clients to use the bankruptcy courses (“the courses”) offered by DebtorCC at and by DebtorEdu at and to be invoiced on a weekly basis. The law firm will be assigned a unique attorney code (“code”) for DebtorCC and for DebtorEdu that will allow clients to pay for the course.

Term. This agreement shall remain effective on a week-to-week basis. Either party may terminate the agreement by providing written notice.

Fees. Each use of the code will be billed at a rate of $19.95 for DebtorCC and $14.95 for DebtorEdu. The fees are earned upon entry of the code.

Payments. DebtorCC and DebtorEdu will keep track of the code usage and will provide the law firm with a weekly invoice with a list of clients that have used the law firm’s code. Payment will be due and owing from the law firm as of the delivery of each invoice. On or after the second day following the delivery of each invoice, the law firm’s credit/debit card will be billed automatically for the invoiced amount.

You authorize DebtorCC and DebtorEdu to charge all applicable fees to your

credit/debit card. All applicable fees will be automatically billed until you notify DebtorCC and DebtorEdu to cancel this authorization. If any of the accounts you authorize DebtorCC and DebtorEdu to charge are closed or do not have sufficient funds, you will notify DebtorCC and DebtorEdu immediately.

Breach of the Law Firm’s Obligations. If the law firm materially breaches any of its obligations under this agreement, including the failure to timely pay any fees, DebtorCC and DebtorEdu shall be permitted, at its sole discretion, to do any or all of the following (it being understood that such remedies are not exclusive of one another or any other remedies DebtorCC and DebtorEdu may have at equity or law):

(1) Terminate this agreement without notice, in which case fees shall remain due and owing to DebtorCC and DebtorEdu for all services provided prior to the date of termination; and
(2) Temporarily suspend this agreement without notice (it being understood that DebtorCC and DebtorEdu shall retain the right to reinstate this agreement at any time in its sole discretion); and
(3) For unpaid fees, assess interest at the lesser of 1.5% of the amounts owed per month or the maximum amount allowed by law; and
(4) Collect from the law firm reimbursement for all costs, including attorneys’ fees, incurred by DebtorCC and DebtorEdu in collecting any fees or other monies owed to it by the law firm, or otherwise enforcing its rights under this agreement; and
(5) File suit or commence arbitration.

Governing Law. The validity, interpretation, enforceability, and performance of this agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of New Jersey.

Entire Agreement. This agreement, and any other documents or agreements specifically identified in this agreement, supersedes all previous representations, understandings or agreements.

Severability. If any part of this agreement is determined to be illegal and/or unenforceable, all other parts shall be given effect separately and shall not be affected.

Survival. The rights and obligations of the parties in this agreement that would by their nature or context be intended to survive the expiration or termination of this agreement, shall so survive.